Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our Idaho trip: day three

After another walk along the cornfields and a starry night, we ventured off to a beautiful canyon not far from Dave's folks where there is a stunning waterfall. The gorge cuts away from the hills so narrow you'd hardly know it was there. It was a challenge to pull the boys from the wii, but thankfully they loved it once we got there and had no trouble with the hike. In fact, Donovan was one of the first ones in the water, frigid as it was. Eventually the whole family joined him and sat under the waterfall. It was scary and fun. My shoes went "squash, squash" on the hike back and Donovan and Weston couldn't resist plucking some Lamb's Ear leaves. They were so new and soft to them. Dear Donovan wanted to make a blanket out of them. I only let him keep a few and he held his collection close and tidy during the gravel drive home and I found myself suddenly sandwiched between two napping boys.
It was a very memorable excursion.
Followed by another amazing meal.
I remember not sleeping so well that night as the moon was so startlingly bright and a wind was shipping through the trees off and on. It was a new sensation to feel so vulnerable sleeping outside. Then suddenly the horse next store began GALLOPING! The earth thundered beneath me and incredulous, I imagined the fence would be no obstacle, and I prepared to be trampled. Thankfully, he roared up and down his little lane. But I have never heard a horse do that in the dark. I marvelled as my little family of men slumbered with sweet sleep.

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