Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The little one is seven.

Catching up again here...
We celebrated Weston's birthday on the 13th of March (one day before his real birthday) and invited friends to come frolic in the dark and then eat apple crisp (Weston's request) and see Toy Story 3 at the community hall.
Weston is really not so little anymore, but he has not lost the hope for magic on his special day. I think in the end he was somewhat bewildered at all the activity and social dynamics, but he is now 7 and talking like a 10 year old.
The other day Dave greeted the boys when they got off the bus and Weston said, "Ahh, Dad, now we can spend some good time together before you have to go do the show." {That is not typical, but it is also not surprising.}

Both boys have been keeping busy with school and friends and kids choir and karate (Donovan) and voice over work.

And now... they are ever wanting to play wii. (or is it wi?) Anyway they always wanna wi. Why? Because Weston helped buy one with birthday money and we caved. It's pretty fun. Although I think I nearly put my ribs out swinging in baseball.
The boys made special light sabers at Disneyland and are finally getting to go outside to play. Weston had a great glow in the dark fight time in the basement gym of the hall and later Kelsey and Nathan showed up as ninjas -- a hit!
He still wears the famous blue rainbow striped shirt Aunt Janice made him and now, I must say he is getting as handsome and clever as ever. What's a mom to do, but try to listen and keep up best she can?

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