Sunday, October 30, 2011

Extended Fall

I feel like we've been given an extension.  God has granted our beautiful autumn to continue even longer than most years I can remember since I've moved to Alberta.
We've harvested the beets and are nearly through canning all the tomatoes, we've gone for walks under a startling blue sky, and we've been able to be outside... as much as we want.

Halloween is tomorrow and I can't believe it's so warm.

Weekends have become jealous family times - meaning: we rarely share with anyone else, but hunker down in our favorite position: the picnic in the living room while we watch a movie.  The food always tastes SO GOOD that way.

I don't even feel guilty.

I like this less scheduled season... although that doesn't mean I'm not struggling to get things done.

Voice overs are still thick, which is good, and I've managed to bake bread and meet with friends and even catch a play in Calgary.  We raked leaves, had quite a few kids over to play and eat cookies, and even made a new cranberry orange cake.  Yum.

I've been reading "The Spirit of Food" with Carol Wall and now my mom too, and it's been inspiring to think of designing food and connection as a spiritual blessing.  I made a fun tomato soup with 5 County toasted cheese bread when Carol and I met for our first spirit of food connection time.  Dave lucked out to walk in the door at the exact time and joined us.

 The boys and I are still in Harry Potter afterglow with tossing little facts back and forth and trying to decipher each character a little more.  Donovan fashioned little wands and he and Weston were casting spells like swordplay up the hill.

What I'm not doing is exercising regularly; what I'm not doing is teaching very much (that will pick up again after the Christmas show opens next week); what I have been doing is enjoying myself very much with reading, movies, computer work, and cooking.  Huh.  Wow.  I even sort of enjoyed cleaning the kitchen today, right after lunch.  That almost never happens.

What an unusual time.

But I'm gonna grab it before someone shakes the snowglobe.

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