Saturday, September 24, 2016

Baked Good

Here in L'Abri (Huemoz Switzerland), there is a lot of homemade bread.  And there are a number of bakeries that make delicious bread and croissants and other delectables, in addition to the typical baguette.

Whenever we're in a new place, the first question Donovan often asks is, "where are the baked goods?"

This has been true in Canmore, Vancouver Island, Olds... and now in both Italy and French Switzerland.

We have already encountered a few different bakeries, but we have also enjoyed fresh bread during all the meals in various chalets here at L'Abri.

I can't remember the last time I have been surrounded by so much fresh bread (at every meal!).

So, I was inspired to make some of my own, artisan style, like I do back home, and have made three loaves so far:  lemon walnut, whole wheat tumeric, and cinnamon fig, but the last one was rather crumbly.

If you haven't heard, we are staying in the ground floor of the chalet that Francis and Edith Shaeffer lived in with their family years ago.  The shelves are lined with books, some written by them or referencing them, and I kept reading about Edith's orange rolls, so... I had to try them.

Pre-rise, and before the orange topping...
Not too bad, but not as good as mom's caramel cinnamon buns.  Everything is slightly different here from the flour, yeast, and using an actual small spoon as a teaspoon, so, I guess they were as good as could be expected.  But I liked being inspired by the hostess who inspired Murray Watts to create an artist's retreat at Freswick [where I went in Scotland in 2012], and the woman who made her family and home a place of warmth and hidden art of intention and loving kindness.

Tomorrow I will make pumpkin pie substituting Swiss whipping cream for condensed milk.  This is the lovely scarlet pumpkin I baked today:

And here is a picture of my new favourite doughnut (wait, that's an awful picture... it's the sprinkled one in the back of the bag) -- I know, it looks rather plain vanilla and predictable, but it is far from it.  It melts in your mouth and then, (glory!), there is a sunny thick custard in the middle!  In the middle of a round, hole in the middle doughnut!!  A nice surprise.

We have eaten several.
I suggest Tim Horton's take note.

Tastes like apple pie when coupled with apple sauce

Here is a lovely little pic crust feather-light scrumptious Swiss treat.

And finally,

Bread, or "pain" as they call it here, is a great carrier for both chocolate and cheese, which one, of course, can not do without when in Switzerland!

Oh yeah, and we have continued to do some awesome walks and hikes to justify our caloric intake!  

I finally got to the top and the path still goes on!!
 Oh, I have so many breathtaking photos, but they will have to wait for another blog post.
For now, we will leave you with goodness, baked right in.
in gratitude for our own little kitchen
From L'Abri



Whidden4 said...

When asked about reasons for travelling, we invariably mention culture, language, other ways of thinking... But it is really about the food! Thanks for making us drool, Jeany!

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading your tales... such adventure, such fun, such learning. WHAT AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE > WOWOWOW.