Sunday, October 9, 2016


Leaving Europe is tough.
After a packed, wonderful time in Germany, we are at Zurich Airport, waiting to depart on the most mysterious leg of our journey: to Africa.

We have had a harrowing, stressful morning trying to find our way in the early dark from Waldshut.  We stop at a hotel and learn directions to a petrol station, but it is tricky with one way streets and other drivers who are not so forgiving.  After several minutes waiting in line and several checkpoints, including 3 escalators to get to go through security, we are at our gate with 10 minutes to spare.
Here we can get free wifi and Dave is able to check his emails.  
He gets a disturbing word from home.
Someone who was visiting L’Abri was offended by David’s lecture and has voiced her disapproval on Rosebud’s website.  Her accusations are as hard to follow as they are hurtful.  We are saddened and stressed because we don’t know how best to address this person who is obviously terribly hurt.  And we don’t know WHEN we can address her either.
We compare notes and realize that unfortunately, neither of us had a chance to share a meal or conversation with her back at L’Abri.
She is demanding Scriptures to support what David said,

But I know that is not what she really wants.

In hindsight, between power outages, sporadic wifi, and no chance to write on a keyboard for a few days, 

it will be at least 2 weeks before we can respond.


Whidden4 said...

The beauty of living in a free society is the opportunity to voice dissenting opinion; to be offended, and to tell others. Never easy to hear for the target (thus the wrath of dictators), and often could have been delivered in a more loving manner. But it is the price of this treasured freedom.

Jeany Meltebeke Snider said...

Thanks for this Whidden4. You're right that it is a privilege to dissent.