Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sensing the Sun

Hello from Rosebud

It is Sunday morning October 29 and the sun is just spilling over the hills to the east and south.

My boys are already up and filming.  Yes.  They and their friend Hadden are filmmakers.

They are putting hours into a 1 minute film so they can win a contest so they can be given cool equipment to make more movies.

They have another "big" movie in the works that they've been thinking about all year, but these smaller side endeavours keep them inspired.

So they have created an army trench, a no man's land, a rifle out of a pine plank, and have drafted actor Travis Friesen to be the subject of their story.

I got up early to make the snacks (very important) and drive them and their equipment to the neighbour's property about one minute away.

They are ambitious.

They are thriving.

They are learning to make decisions with their time, their resources, and with each other.

And I am here in my house that now smells of toasted almonds, writing a blog that I have not worked on since May.

When life is full, it can seem counter intuitive to stop and write a blog, but I have really missed doing it.

I glance back at my last couple weeks and see that I have been craving inspirational story and goodness.  When I feel alone and want encouragement in my work, I seek for communion.  I listened to two audio books while working in the kitchen making bread and lasagne: The Last Battle, and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  Yes, both children's books by CS Lewis.  His Chronicles of Narnia have shaped my theology and understanding of God.  In September I also re-read The Great Divorce which has influenced my thinking about determinism and choice and the thought that God ultimately gives us what we most want, for better or for worse.

I've enjoyed talking through life with my group of students in my faith and art class, but lately we are on a hiatus as the main stage is in rehearsal mode.

And David is now resting since he had his last two show of The Christians in the theatre last night and went to a wrap party after that.

I look forward to having him around more.

So, all the men in our little family are engaged elsewhere or otherwise and here I am on my brown couch.  The sunlight is now bouncing off the faces of the houses across the highway to west.  I say highway, but it's nothing like a freeway.  This highway has not had one vehicle travel up or down it since I started typing.  It is after all, rural Alberta on a Sunday morning.

Now the sun is peeking over my neighbours house to the east, and dare to look right at it.  Now I see spots on my screen, but my face is glowing.  Feels nice.

I think I have an urge to write because many thoughts have been bottling up in me and not finding sufficient outlet.  I do what I can through conversation and through journalling and drawing, but...

it is time to write.

So I will endeavour to write throughout the next month.

It may not be long entries, it may not be sensational, but it will be true and reflective.

And so now, with sun on my face, and my profile making shadows on the the far wall, looking for the adventure that is my life, longing for Aslan's country, I will sign off,

In hope.


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