Thursday, October 30, 2008

Waiting for Snow

My boys crack me up.
I come home from rehearsal only to find them "tobogganing" down our back hill ON THE GRASS!!  They were doing it on their tummies, on their knees, and even on their feet!  They were so excited!  Then they commenced with playing in the tree holes in the Anderson's yard.  I love Weston's ninja split pose here.  He's taken to striking some sort of cool pose any time he's just been thrown off balance; it's his recovery moment.
Oh, the boys are so excited for Halloween.  They put on their new costumes tonight and I'll show the photos tomorrow.  I wish I had more energy to play with them, but after I get dinner ready and we gather at the table, I've had about all the chaos I can take and I've only been home two hours!  I think my adult daytimes are spoiling me with clarity of thought and quiet order.
Weston cracks me up with his need for tea at the end of the meal.  "How is it?" I ask.  "It is quite nice"  he replies with his best British accent and a straight face.  Dave and I look at each other and shake our heads, smiling.  We're in for it.  Two actor parents, goofing off with funny voices and physical antics in the kitchen over the years is making for a pair of silly, witty kids.
I took Donovan to the bus stop this morning in the cool darkness, his shoe lights flashing red and green.  The Halterman brothers were there and the three boys began fighting: ramming and joshing and mock wrestling.  Finally it got a bit rough for Donovan and he sat at the picnic table and announced, "OK, you guys wrestle and I'll be the announcer!"  I laughed out loud.  Sure enough, he commenced in his radio voice using his fist as a microphone, full commitment.  "Here we are, ...and Sebastian wins the tournament!!"
One more day of rehearsal this week, then one day off, and into tech week. Sigh.  Ate too much sugar tonight.  I made some amazingly thick chocolate peanutbutter homemade ice cream, and we polished off the last of the cookies as well.  Seems to be the theme this week as we purchased ONLY Reece's Peanut Butter Cups to hand out tomorrow night.

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