Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back to Routine in the 'Bud

Today was a rushing in of reality for me with an early morning and leading my first Greek class.  We did some fun exploring in the space using LeCoque exercises in balance, one voice, and in finding our chorus leader.  The students were fairly responsive and we covered a lot of ground.  Then we trotted off to a Remembrance Day chapel.  Donovan, Weston, and David had prepared the Gallery and Donovan had even made little red paper poppies.
They've been watching the Narnia movie again and the music is swooning me as I write.  Speaking of music, Dave's opening night gift finally arrived today: George Winston's anniversary CD of Winter.  It's stunning.
I can't believe it's back to the boards tomorrow.  I still have to go to women's choir tonight and get a good night's sleep.  (God helping me.)
Donovan is onto another book (Creating it that is): Captain Underpants and the Deadly Diaper.  The other day he proudly posed in his whitey tighties as the superhero himself!  Oh, my boys are advancing so fast.  Donovan read a whole Franklin book to me tonight -- in a Cockney accent!  Crazy kid.  He really has done some fine drawing lately.
Weston still needs a good cuddle every day or he gets cranky.  Dave informed me that he, too, could use a good cuddle and I realize how much I have assumed David can take care of himself. ...Weston has settled in for some good Lego action lately and it's amazing how long he can stay focused entertaining himself.  He and Donovan made their own Indiana Jones Lego man after they saw the Lego game on the computer.
Our dried tomatoes turned out pretty good.  They dried the whole time we were in Drum yesterday.  The boys and swam until our toes wrinkled.  All three of us had puffy and eyes and hungry stomachs after.  Watching Weston climb the steps to the slide I was amazed how tall his spine has got in the last four months... and then I had to chuckle when I noticed his suit was on backwards.  Oh dear... Ha.  It certainly did not stop his fun in the least.  Sigh.  I'm glad we had a little holiday yesterday.  Dave and the boys even made a Dutch Baby (German pancake) all on their own.
Tomorrow I hope I can re-enter the world of Christmas on the Air, but for now, I gotta go to choir.

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