Thursday, November 13, 2008

Little Blessings in a time of weakness

This will have to be brief as I am so tired.  I'm either anemic or just plain wiped out, but I nearly fainted for a moment in the play tonight.  It was scary; I couldn't get enough air.  It turned out fine, but it startled me and I hope to get more unbroken sleep tonight.  It's tough with such early mornings.  This is our first seven show week and they're packed in pretty tight (the shows, that is.)
The "men" all seem pretty darn fine, but I feel a little out of touch.  I simply am not able to do everything I'm used to domestically.  I have to take care of myself and that means doing less.  I'm usually the photographer, but Dave took all the pics on the blog today.  I didn't even know Weston was up to his thighs in a puddle! Hahh. Small beads of snow fell a few times today, but nothing stuck.  We had a real small house in the theatre (45!) and it felt too sparse, but we told the story bravely.  I even had a real question from the house during my talk show: a lady loved our Christmas tree on stage and wanted to know if it was real.  I said I wouldn't tell, but then asked her what she liked about it, she said, "The star" and I agreed with her.  Then I told a story about Danny as a boy thinking I had said what goes on the top of the tree was a "jar" and how he brought me one all painted and that from then on, at our home, we always have a jar on the top of our tree!
--The full moon has been a welcome light walking on these past cold nights.  I long for Northern Lights.  The weight of Christmas is a bit intimidating.  I hope my boys appreciate the gifts we have for them and aren't disappointed because they aren't toys.  The weight of commercialism and cheap disposable gifts makes me so sad.
Dave's working on a true story night at church on the 23rd so we can hear some stories from our elders.  It's a great idea and he's pretty excited.
Trisha gave us a quiche today - just out of the blue!  It was such a help because I hadn't planned dinner yet.  A blessing.  Now, if I can just get me some red meat... hopefully I won't feel so faint in my heels and tight bodice next show.

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