Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tea, Tardy Tuesday, and Teeny snowflakes Tempt...

The birthday tea for Brown Bear was very special.  Weston had a grand time.  We made tiny cinnamon rolls and tiny chocolate cupcakes with pink coconut/cinnamon buttercream frosting.  Donovan informed him that pink is for girls, but Weston retorted, "boys can like pink, too!"  I was glad to hear it.  Everyone brought a little stuffie friend, and even a little gift!  Our good friend Dawn is a seamstress and she made a small lion costume for Brown Bear -- can you believe it?  It was so precious, and so "Snider boy" to make a costume! 
In other news, we did our fundraiser yesterday for Rosebud Theatre and Rosebud School of the Arts in Calgary.  It came off well.  There was a lot of work put in to decorating and set-up as well as a whole lot of performing to be blocked and leveled for sound.  I sang again and it went well.  I'm glad I'm gaining some confidence now in managing my head voice.  I forgot to bring my camera though.  Bummer.  I saw so many wonderful and interesting things!  Donovan would have loved all the art mounted throughout the halls of the Hyatt, and Weston would have loved seeing the amazing Christmas tree in the lobby!  I would have loved getting pictures of students and staff during rehearsals and performance.  Everyone looked so glamorous!  But, alas, it's done now and we all trundled back onto the big yellow bus from the skyscraping lights of downtown Calgary into the starlit darkness of our quiet little town for a late night.  --So late in fact, that I nearly slept through the beginning of my class this morning THAT I AM TO TEACH!!  Dave didn't think to wake me either, but in good ole university style, I leapt up, did the bare essentials, and was out the door in six minutes.  Thank God.  The class went fine, and for one of the few mornings in my life (believe it or not) I had breakfast later.
When I was growing up, getting up in the morning was terribly difficult (especially with a family full of morning people laughing at me struggling to open my eyes without frowning) but without a doubt, the best part was the meal itself.  We always ate together, and more often than not it was eggs and sausage with toast and OJ.  With our little family now, we usually just have cold cereal and save the hot food for weekends... but I sure miss those old days.  Thanks, Mom.
My throat is maintaining, but not on fire, and my head hasn't drained yet, but it's not unbearable pressure either, so I feel like I'm being provided for somehow: just enough physical stress to keep me humble, but not too much to keep me from upholding my responsibilities.
I had some separation anxiety from the boys yesterday while in the city.  I'd feel like crying just thinking about Donovan's sadness when he said it would be tough for him if Dave and I died.  I ended up calling them during my dinner break, just to talk.  That sure helped me, although I don't think they needed it at all -- they were having a blast with Andrew Cooper.  And about a dozen tiny cupcakes, a movie, and five stuffie wars later, they were asleep, snug in their beds an hour past their bedtime, dreaming of another day of adventure!
I must say I miss the snow this year.  It's about time.  Teeny flurries are teasing but nothing sticks!  Here's hoping tomorrow will be white.
Oh yeah, the other picture is of Weston making bell shaped Rice Krispie treats from a mold we got in our cereal box.  He and Dave worked on those already this morning.  Now the men are off in Drum to pick up Donovan and get some groceries; I couldn't go because of coaching.  So I hope to spend some quality time with them this evening.  I can't believe it's December!!

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