Saturday, November 29, 2008

Catch up and illness

Oh, this day is tough.  I find with the incoming Chinooks, the low pressure wreaks havoc with my sinuses and the pain in the base of my skull is huge.  I've been feeling it since last night and the two shows today are extra daunting with a sore throat and cramps to boot.  I know I sound like a list of complaints, but it's better to start with what I have (my fears and ills) than wait for clarity and joy to write in these busy times.  Life is full and there is just lots of needing to deliver the goods, regardless of ills and headaches.  Thankfully, I still have done a fine job in the show.  Although Mark (our director) saw it last night and he chided me a bit for getting too playful and young.  That is always my tendency: to play.  Sigh.  I think I've always played older characters... this one not so much, but still  "gone are the days of childlike wonder" until I play senile characters.  Ha!  No, really, I'll bring that playfulness in next spring when I get to play Lettice in Lettice and Loveage.
So, a brief update on the week since I don't seem to have the stamina to write significantly each day right now.
The boys are playing well together.  Dave took a few pics this time.  They drug out a bag of Christmas decorations and strung lights and ribbon across our front yard.  Weston even put his favorite nutcracker ornament on a bush and it collected frost the next morning.
One day they went to the shop and carpenter Kaity helped repair our stubborn cabinet door and the boys got to work on a simple wood craft.  I love the safety goggles!
Donovan was honored at school this week and received an award for respecting his teacher and his classmates.  Dave and I had attended a brief conference with his second grade teacher earlier in the week and she told us how touched she was that Donovan seemed so caring of his peers.  Dave and I were touched too.  I think Donovan secretly likes school.  He sure draws amazing pictures with his daily journal.  His teacher let us take his journal home for the night so we could read every page.  Some of his stories still sound like kid cartoon violence and black and white battles, but others are simple and sweet and very original.  I'll ask him if I can share one on my blog sometime.
Weston is all set for a special birthday tea for Brown Bear tomorrow.  We sent out invitations and now we hope to make tiny cupcakes and cinnamon rolls tommorow -- oh, and balloons, he said.  He's so particular.  He hand delivered the invitations yesterday to each of the 6 doors in town.  Oh, he's hoping that someone will bring a gift for Brown Bear.  I didn't let him put that request on the invitation, and now he's trying to be brave for disappointment.  I have to chuckle.  Oh... I have never done a birthday party for a toy before.  I asked Weston how old Brown Bear the dog is and he quipped, "17!"  Wow.  I said. He's older than you!  Then I noticed the next day he answered the same question from Karl and said, "five."  Five is better, I think.
Dave had a hard day yesterday... just weak and sick feeling.  Boy did I give him an intense rub down from his neck to the soles of this feet.  It was like cleansing all the toxins out through his skin with Dream Cream and tons of pressure from my thumbs.  He does this funny thing where he kinda howls and laughs the pain away as he releases.  It tough, but it works.  He said I altered his state of being, once again, and that he was better for it.  I smiled.  I hope he knows I don't mean to hurt him.  Although the way I feel right now, I might just need and intense rub down myself...
Oh, Weston.  He smashes himself into my lap while I'm typing, but he hardly fits anymore!  Now he's resting his hands lightly on top of mine and trying to anticipate which key I will hit.  Ha.  Many errors now I have already erased.  After a few minutes of this, I have to set him down.  Sigh.  He's not so little; he's a squirmin' boney worm!  I'm reminded of his bold bike riding yesterday.  He's getting so good.  Except for that one icy patch where he went sprawling with his mittens, we did pretty good.
OK, must get to my medicines and mothering before show call.  Tomorrow... a day off... well sort of.  Anyway.  Breathe....

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I found your blog! So good to see you yesterday and now I can follow your dailys. -alison