Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Day Off

Tuesday proved to be an interesting day. I had the day off from teaching so I had volunteered to help in Donovan's class before my dentist appointment in Drumheller; Dave knew this, so he also scheduled a tune up for the van, but he didn't realize my appointment was in the afternoon, so we ended up taking the boys to school and staying in town THE WHOLE DAY and picking them up again.
We brought reading books and assignments to grade as well as a picnic breakfast
AND lunch. At first we didn't know how we would spend all our free time, but then I had an urge to drive out to the hoodoos and eat our breakfast there. THERE WAS NO ONE THERE! It was stunning. I felt much more free taking my time to look close at these smooth mushroom rocks without having to negotiate around tourists or stay out of their camera shots. It was so quiet and lovely. I had time to breathe and imagine. I got to walk the paths and explore new angles I hadn't taken time before in the summer heat.
Dave and I were sad that a number of people had chosen to leave their name or mark in the soft sand stone, but I was still mesmerized by the longevity of the slopes and their interesting shapes. We had seen a special on the UP dvd where the animators climbed the huge mountain in South America and saw many unique stones similar to these only an easy walk from our rental car.
Dave was so delighted he said he wished our friends Lisa and James could be there with us, so I suggested he call. So we talked to Lisa from the hoodoos.
It was strange not having the boys along. It felt like playing hookey. Normally we try and get as much work done as we can when the boys are both at school, but this day asked us to stay in Drumheller, so we did.

Later we had lunch along the river and Dave got cold. I had my winter coat so the stone bench didn't freeze my buns as much as his.
We did a bit of shopping and we picked up our van, and then... time for the dentist.
Thankfully my dutiful brushing has paid off a bit as my gums are not so deep from my deep anymore. Yeah. They're still ultra sensitive, but there's not much I can do about that other than what I'm already doing.

I went back to the eye doctor today and my uveitis is improving, but to be safe I need to continue with the drops for three weeks, which means no contacts until April. Sigh.

So, working on my play is tough, but some work has happened.

I suppose visits to hoodoos and time with Dave is also part of the work.
After all, God, too, had a day of rest.

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