Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The pleas of the squeaky wheel...

The other day Weston wanted to show Daddy his snow tunnel and Daddy was about to stop and chat with Leah crossing the lane when I hear Weston's mournful bellow down the hill, "Da-a-a-a-d! Don't stop and chat; I BEG of you!" Dave and I really cracked up at that one. Weston's been so articulate lately.
In Sunday School he was the only one who knew what an archer was. "A bow and arrow man who is sometimes a hunter" was his reply. Our almost six year old is getting to be quite the little man.

On Monday we picked Donovan up from school and Weston talked us all into going to the famous Tyrell Museum, but then we learned it was closed on Mondays. On the way, however, we noticed the new Fossil World was open, so we went there instead. It was pretty fascinating, and WE WERE THE ONLY ONES THERE! That NEVER happens in the tourist season. So we took our time. There were many beautiful fossils and a play area for the kids, but then we turned the corner and this very oppressive t-rex was programmed to sense our body heat and suddenly his eyes moved and then he roared and started barring his teeth at us!! It was so freaky and cool and scary and fun all at the same time! Poor Weston stayed about 15 feet away the whole time, but I started playing with it; seeing if I could get it to turn my way by moving and jumping up and down. Dave came near and stood to the side quietly... then all of a sudden it reared up its head and turned, roaring right at David's face! We just howled! It was like being IN the movie Jurassic Park! Worth the price of admission right there we thought. 'Course, Dave and I seemed far more into it than the boys.
It was a nice little spot and everything was new and kid friendly (except, maybe, Mr. T.)
Afterwards we stayed to have supper in town which was a real trial for Dave as we're supposed to be saving money... but this family day seemed too good to pass up!
In the end, it was nice to hang out and linger. We even shared a Reece's Blizzard at Dairy Queen.
Thanks, Weston for the bright idea.
I remember when he was born, (a whopping 9.6 lbs), there were a number of other babies that same weekend in the Duncan Hospital, many of them early and quite small. Weston looked like a plump pig amongst little piglets. I had just fed him and given him to the nurse so I could get some rest when an hour later he was howling for more! I was in tears because I tried to nurse him, but nothing had been produced inside me in that short time and I remember feeling like a failure when the nurse finally suggested topping him up with formula. "Why is he so hungry?" I remember asking, looking at his plump folds and strong neck, compared to all the tiny babies. "The squeaky wheel gets the oil" she said.
That has remained true of my little Weston. He is not one to shy away from his needs and desires, and finds a way to keep reminding you of them as well as any excuses you have stated that no longer hold up to his new reasons.
This past January Weston had a terrible time returning to school after the break and Dave and I were at our end. What made it so hard was not that he was so insistent, but that he would plead his cause with articulate, sound arguments like, "I just need a bit of grace here, Dad," or "Dad, it's just that I can't bear to be away from you and Mom!" Talk about a heart tugger.
On Sunday, this squeaky wheel turns six. I hope we're ready, 'cause I know he's already got his party all planned out!
But I'm sure that without him, we wouldn't be quite so adventurous.

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