Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kananaskis Country Easter

This morning was lazy and good, then we packed our picnic for our mountain adventure. Down in the lobby of the lodge there were a few easter chocolates hidden tnd then we posed in front of the big fireplace. Today we were going to the mountain cathedrals for church. So off we trundled with binoculars and lunch to Kanaskis Country.
Sadly, we never saw any bear as promised, but we did see a lot of beautiful mountains and quite a bit of snow. Each bend in the road offered a new view that was stunning, and there really weren't that many people on the road! Things were a bit sketchy on the loop back as the road was mud and gravel with SNOW and LOTS of bumps and potholes. It made for a long ride, but we stopped a couple times to eat and then to hunt Easter eggs. Believe it or not, the Easter Bunny had been along our way just minutes before.
Actually I asked Dave to stop when I saw a dead tree that kind of looked like a cross. I had to take a picture of it, and then it felt like an appropriately holy place to do some kind of Easter ritual, so I grabbed the bag of eggs I'd filled earlier and surrupticiously planted them along a number of boulders. The men had no idea because they were snug in the warm car with dusty windows so I could work in broad daylight and still be undercover!
Before the last pass back into Canmore we stopped at my favorite place: diagonal rock cliffs coursing out of green water. Just stunning. I think I could have stayed there much longer, but Dave was wilting. Poor guy, he's napping now as I plan to take the boys down to the pool to dive for plastic eggs.
Its beautiful right now and I wish we had three more days. Sigh.
I was thrilled by the Kananaskis Country and hope to go back one day in the summertime and SEE SOME BEARS!!

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