Monday, May 3, 2010

Signs of Spring.

Ahh... the birds are singing, the hills are greening, and the sun is shining.
Weston loves his bike.
He and daddy made a nice apple crisp the other day to honor the five women completing Faith and Art this year. We had an Indian supper (but with apple crisp).
The boys have been enjoying "stick land" (the mud patch in our front yard that the county never came back to seed after tearing up the earth to check our septic pipes.) They love it. They even made a volcano erupt with red lava! Thank God for spring. It comes so fast out here. I bet the tress'll bust out within the week.
The Keeper closed (the show David directed) and our whole family was invited to the Hamm's for a wrap up party dinner. It was fabulous food and fun -- all snuggled around their table like our own version of the come one--come all beggar's Last Supper from the play.
I'm so deep in "to do" pressure that I'm doing things in bits and pieces.
Thus, today, this blog is short and to the point.
It's tough, because I'm just pining to do voice over work, but I can only audition a few times a week. One job is pending... we'll see?!!!
OK. Now. Back to grading and evaluations so I can get on to my PLAYWRITING!

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