Saturday, May 8, 2010

The unusual details... just sigh them out

When he's not playing outside in the dirt or on his bike, Weston has been making paperclip chains when Donovan is at school. I asked him the other day if he missed going to school on his non-school days. He said, "Not a bit!" Then I asked what he wanted for lunch and he said calmly, "You know mom, a sandwich, some soup, juice and the usual details."
If only my life were so predictable.

I'm still carrying such a deep heaviness after struggling to aptly write 24 evaluations, plus grade 5 final essays, journals and 14 final exams.
Dave kept chuckling as I had to sigh heavily with each evaluation sent. Not so much in regret, but in release sent on a prayer of hope that each student will find truth and clarity, courage and love in my responses. And in the expense on my spirit.
Dave and I are exhausted. We long to watch a movie, but alas, the bathrooms screamed to be cleaned and my play needs due diligence.
I've been craving sugar, and made some pecan ball cookies, but accidentally put too much sugar in when doubling the recipe. They taste great, but more chewy than crunchy.
Thank God for the bright sun today, and some time to chase down the football and baseball with the boys. I'm so stiff from sitting, I could hardly stoop to pick up the ball without focused breathing and a grunt. Oh, how I miss my dance class!
I was sad to learn of Lynn Redgrave's death. So much tragedy for sister Vanessa in the last year: her daughter Natasha, her brother Corin, and now Lynn. Great storytellers, all.
Well, I broke Weston's heart tonight in not allowing a sleep-over. I'm just too overwhelmed and hungry to work on my own things when the boys go to bed. Weston was NOT pleased. I think we'll have to plan a night next week. He's right that I almost always say, "No." But he usually asks at 8:30 at night!
Davey's had a hacking cough he picked up from Weston. I hope Donovan and I can stay clear, now that we're VOICE OVER ACTORS. Weston recorded a sweet demo today, in hopes of an audition.
I am so hungry to work I have a hard time being patient.
Dave says our neighbor Paul says there's no such thing as spring in Rosebud; it's a war between winter and summer. That's seems true. The other day the sky was split down the middle. These sky pics were taken one moment after the other looking south, then north, then south again. The winds have been fierce, bringing change and sweeping away all that is not tied down. Maybe it's time to open my hands and let fly what doesn't cling.
That's it; breathe. Release and inhale.
Mother's Day tomorrow.
"You know, sandwich, soup, juice and the usual details."
I am blessed.
Let go.

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