Sunday, July 11, 2010

Flashback to Oregon #3: the final days

More and more vacation happened in our final days in Eugene, including a couple visits and swims at Dave and Carol's heated pool and matinee of Toy Story 3 -- I loved it! I laughed so much and the theatre was nearly empty at 11:50am, so sometimes I was the ONLY one laughing, but that's never really stopped me before. But the surprising things was -- I cried. Twice! Those toys and their loyalty and determination in the face of certain death really got to me. It was a real treat.
We got to see Drew the last night we were there and he must have swam for a good hour or so with the boys in the pool. Weston spent the whole vacation without using a life jacket. His dog paddling gets him in and out of the deep end pretty good now.
I got to see Alison briefly and take the boys shopping at Target (which they love) and I couldn't resist a few colorful knick knacks myself, even if they are made in China. Cheap US prices are hard to pass up for this small town girl.
On the final day, Mom and Dad drove us up to Portland for our trip home. It was good to know we'd see Daddy back home, otherwise, I'm not sure we would have left.
This whole vacation really came out of the blue as we were intending to do a big drive in August, but I'm grateful for it, and I know the boys loved it.

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