Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back 2 Skool!

Well, it began. Whether we were ready or not, a new routine is establishing itself and I can hardly pull myself from my cozy bed in the wee hours of the morning to make TWO distinct lunches: one with NO bread or cheese: salami and rice creackers, veggies (no carrots, just peas and tomotoes), juice, fruit (preferably grapes), napkin, note, and of course -- a treat. Another with a sandwich (spicy chicken with pickle, seedy mustard, mayo, cheddar and TWO slices of homemade bread), veggies (loves carrots, no tomatoes), fruit (no bananas), chips, and extra water (treat not necessary). HA. Aren't they so unique!?
This week has also been one of cookie baking. So far we have: Good ole Chocolate Chip, Frosted Molasses, Oatmeal Skotchies, Peanutbutter Cup, and Chocolate Peanutbutter Cup. We're gearing up for the big outdoor concert on Sunday: 15 Minutes of Fame. My boys are rehearsing for their 5 Minutes of Fame with the song: "Where Have all the Staplers Gone?" from Veggie Tales. Should be fun. Dave will open the concert with his now traditional "Jeremiah Had a Bullfrog", technically known as "Joy to the World", but nobody calls it that because of the more famous and superior Christmas Carol.
Nonetheless, we are embarking on an eventful weekend with rehearsals, baking, and coordinating our yearly obstacle course to initiate the new students as part of the Amazing Race!
Back to school: Donovan smiled the first moment he walked into his grade 4 class (that's how they say it in Canada: "Grade 4" not "Fourth grade"). He got his favorite teacher (Mr. Judge who does a great gym class) and his desk was in the back row center SURROUNDED by his three best friends!!! Can you believe it? First thing he said was, "This is gonna be fun." Wow.
Over in the other arm of the school, however, were the kindergarteners and first graders. ( I know, I should say Grade 1-ers.) The parents were hovering over our little chicks and not willing to say goodbye until the bell rang. Weston's new teacher is stunning. She looks exactly like Amy Adams and her last name starts with "Angel"! Weston was all set and staring forward when I went to say my final goodbye with Dave nudging me off. "Goodbye, Weston. I love you. Have a great day," I said from the side. Weston never batted an eye. He never looked my way. With his eyes forward to the chalkboard and beautiful angel teacher he replied in his grovelly voice, "Goodbye Mom." Well, that just wasn't enough for me. I leaned in and touched him on the arm so he would at least look at me. "Just want to say goodbye, honey." Same response. No looking. "Goodbye, Mom." That's when I knew I was suddenly irrelevant at that moment. I went out into the hallway to linger and spy through the doorway with the other parents. I felt like crying. Not in that profound way, but in the silly kind of "Ah, I can't believe my doesn't need me anymore! And... now what am I going to do with my day? (Slow smile and hands rubbing together in my mind...) Dave and I laughed and then went out for breakfast. Sigh.
Frankly, we have had a few tough adjustments this week with the boys being quite willful and not wanting to help with dinner. Their bus ride is long and Weston got in trouble for standing up. Poor guy. We'll keep at it though. After this next weekend there will be less unusual events. I think.
So, this time of separation is a big change from the summer constancy. I was with the boys EVERY DAY and now that I have the free time I've been clamoring for, I'm scared. I don't always feel motivated to be as productive as I should. It must be the nervousness from the new classes starting for me as the teacher next week. Yes. That's a big part of it. But also my other endeavors are crowding close and if I'm not careful, something will slip. I pray I can remain healthy and full of grace to accomplish all I am entrusted with, through God's guidance.
Thanks for remembering our family in your thoughts and prayers.

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