Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas round the corner

Where did the first half of December go?
This is an intense week for classes at RSA, today I host two finals. And at a performing arts school, that is not written work!
I'm scared I may not accomplish all I need. That is why it is easy to blog instead. But I won't be long.
The boys can hardly get out the door in time for the bus on these dark mornings. They know this week is pregnant with celebration and nothing of real consequence at school.
Weston performed in the Kid's Choir show last Sunday at the Community Hall: cute! Who knew he'd commit so beautifully to an interpretive dance as a chipmunk!? That was a nice surprise, let me tell ya.
Donovan made some great designs for the costumes and set and we were very proud of him as well.
This top picture shows the boys watching a Christmas video.
They've been having a regular fare of festivities and special performances complete with treats, which makes for late nights and crazy dreams.
I hope I'm not losing touch with them in all the whirlwind...
Well, tomorrow we'll spend the afternoon together in Drumheller waiting for their school concert in the evening. Likely swimming, laser tag, or (believe it or not) bowling. Ha. So, God help us, we'll make it through.
I think Dave and I have at least 50 combined evaluations to write and we're trying to chip away at it now that most classes are done.
The weather's warmer and made for some great snowmen making. Donovan was inspired by Calvin to have many crazy and dying snowmen all around our house, including one impaled by the telephone pole through his heart, while lying flat on his back. -I'll have to snap a photo.
So, this entry is rather random, short, and not too profound.
My hair is long; I have not cut it in over a year.
What's that say?
Well, my kitchen is still not finished being painted in it's new coat from when we started this summer. Hummm....
But I did get a rock and roll type voice over gig where I sang all three back-up singers. That was fun, if a bit raunchy.
Those are all the highlights that come to mind at the moment.
I'm obviously so saturated I'm scattered.

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