Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A few words with Donovan

Mom: Hello Donovan, what are you thinking about this morning?

D: Well, um... I (pause... laughs)   I'm thinking about the preparation we'll have to go through to go on the trip.  And how worth it it will be.

Mom: What are you doing to prepare?

D: I've been thinking about a few acts we could contribute to our performance fundraiser.  And I'm considering having my stuffed animal Seal be the master of ceremonies.

Mom: I think that would be awesome.  Seal is so lovable, and you bring him to life in such an endearing way.

D: I agree!  In fact I'm thinking of taking him on our trip to bring joy to people.

Mom: Cool.  Can I ask Seal what he thinks of this idea?

D: Well, sure, he's sleeping right now.  I'll ask him and get back to you.

Seal: Here I am!

Mom: Well hello Seal!  Did you have a good sleep?

Seal: Yes.

Mom: So what do you think about this idea of going on the trip with us?

Seal: Well, I sure do like meeting new people, and I think they like me -- so it's a win, win for everyone.

Mom: I can recall a couple of times where you have comforted children crying on an airplane.

Seal: My finest hours.

Mom: I also enjoy your baritone contribution to our family singing.

Seal: (Voice drops like Elvis).  Well, thank you very much... mmhmmhmm.

Mom: Do have any thoughts for us about this adventure?

Seal: Well, we're going into new territory.  And as an animal, I know that whenever you do that you learn a lot, and you start to value different things than you did in your old territory.  So when you return home, you have a broadened understanding of the world and other creatures in it.   -- That's all.

Mom: Well said Seal.

Seal:  Thanks.  I'm a go catch some more zzz's.

Donovan: Thanks Seal.  I'll take you back to bed.

Mom: Thanks Seal.  Will you MC?

Seal: Folks will have to come to the fundraiser to find out.

Mom:  You heard it here first people.  Wisdom from of the mouths of sea creatures.

Our Snider Safari Serenade is Wednesday August 24th at 8pm at the Gallery here in Rosebud.

Check out our fundraising event page:

And thanks to our special guests Donovan and Seal Snider.
Otherwise you would have read about my anxiety and prayers, which, I suppose will provide plenty of fodder for subsequent posts.

Thanks for your support everybody.  Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

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