Thursday, August 4, 2016

Our Journey...

Today, I reinstate my blog.
Meaning, I haven't written on it in over a year.
Okay, I have written a few one act plays, and some shorter Scripture dramas, -- and I should remind myself that they were apt, poignant, and courageous.  ... Yes.  I have written some.
But to return to this particular habit is an intimidating joy.

The main reason I stopped, I believe, is the new avenue of voice over work that came into our lives.  Voice overs have been a gift and a challenge, and even though this month (August 2016) is ripe with a need to do more voice overs as a secondary way to generate income, I also long to connect and express with others and invite you to partner with me on my upcoming adventure.

Here it is:
Step 1.  We leave Sept. 5 to fly to St. John's Newfoundland en route to Milan, Italy. (via London Gatwick)

Step 2.  We retreat and foster discussion at L'Abri Switzerland for two weeks.  This is a faith and art think tank in the alps founded by Francis and Edith Schaeffer.

Step 3.  We travel to Filderstadt, Germany to reconnect with my GAPP friend Bettina Bogner who I stayed with briefly when I was 16!  Our families will spend a few days together.

Step 4.   We fly to Uganda (via Ethiopia).  Here we will reconnect with former Rosebud student Richard Mugerwa, and then visit our sponsor child David in a remote village, through World Vision.

Step 5.  We fly to Nairobi, Kenya, where we will connect with Julisa Rowe and her family.  Julisa works with a theatre group at her church as well as teaches ethnodramatology at Daystar University.  You can learn more about her work at:

Step 6.  We will travel to Tanzania, eventually settling in the town of Tabora where we will partner with Juma's World in connecting with a village there.  Plans are still coming together for this portion in terms of water or solar progress and visiting the families attending the school for the arts.

 Image result for images of St. John'sImage result for images of MilanImage result for images of L'Abri SwitzerlandImage result for images of FilderstadtImage result for images of KampalaImage result for Juma's world

We are full of thoughts and feelings and to-do's at this time.
I will try and write out more personal, specific musings when I can, but at least for today, it seemed best to lay out the agenda, and not try to fiddle with getting the images right, so I just added them at the end.  Formatting is proving difficult, but I will endeavour to keep my blog colorful and interesting. 

Oh yeah, step 7:  Coming home.  --We're still working that out.
But I think it will be November 5th.


bevgeko said...

How exciting! The Lord bless you guys as you go on this journey. Love Bev K

Sandi said...

What a wonderful family adventure.

Charlotte said...

Thanks for letting others join along on this journey.