Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The first flights...

Oh my goodness.

We are at the St. John's airport at 11;22pm local time waiting to board our flight to London at 12:25am (delayed), and going all the way to Italy!

Yesterday -- wait, Monday -- yes, that was yesterday (we're 3.5 hours ahead now).  Yesterday we finished cleaning our house like never before, and then the lovely Cassia Schmidt drove us to the Calgary airport after a lovely final send off from the Eliuk youth.

We each have one carry-on and one backpack, and we already feel too heavy.

Why did we think that flying through the night was an good way to get sleep?  We are SO TIRED.  But we have had such interesting times all ready!

All through my relatively sleepless night I saw AMAZING northern lights -- like green fires reaching up through the heavens!!  I kept sneaking peaks from under my sleeping mask to see them and yet... I really should have been resting.  Finally I gave up and embraced the gorgeous red sunrise and gazed long out the window onto the edge of our massive country.
Sunrise from plane window (flight to St. John's)

Newfoundland is beautiful.  Jeany out.

Weston here.  Hello everyone,
Newfoundland was amazing! One of my favourite parts was seeing the ships in the bay and the amazing colours of the houses.
Typical St. John's neighbourhood

Donovan: We gotta get ready to board now, but we'll catch you up in Italy! ;)

Us in front of the bay.


Katie said...

Hi, Sniders! Just read your update. Have a great time in Italy! I'll be following all your updates, and praying for you!

Your friend,

Katie the Hamster

Jeany Meltebeke Snider said...

Thank you Katie

We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.