Thursday, September 15, 2016

Santa Caterina Northern Italy by Weston Snider



Santa Caterina was amazing! We had so much fun enjoying the little mountain town, and going on a huge 7 hour glacier hike. 

We drove 10 minutes up a windy road to the start point of the hike. There were six of us and the car only held five, so we had to do two trips to get everyone to the bottom of the mountains.
On our way up the mountain we took many pictures of the beautiful scenery.As we got to the end of our initial hike, (to the "refuge") we encountered a part of the trail that went up extremely steeply for a hundred metres or so. It was very physically taxing but was worth it to see the end in sight at the top.

After we stopped at the refuge to rest and wait for the rain to stop, we decided to go further up on a trail that took us right up as close as we could safely get to the glacier. We had been going for about a half an hour up the mountain when we saw Allessandra coming up the mountain to catch us.
We had been on the wrong trail and had to walk all the way down the mountain and up the other trail to see the glacier.
At the foot of the ice flow
It was huge.  It was mostly covered by dirt and silt.  It was quite teal in places where the ice was showing.
At the end of our time, it started to rain and we had to go back, the rain was at our backs the whole time and we were quite wet when we finally got back to the refuge.
We had a nice late lunch with amazing meat and cheese and bread and soup and cocoa, and then the host brought out a complimentary plate of more meat and cheese which was drizzled in succulent oil.  
The walk home was long but we saw some cows in the field and a marmot and that was nice.
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Katie said...

Glad to hear more about your amazing adventures! It's funny, (maybe not so much for your muscles though,) that you went up the wrong trail :) What a view!!

Have a great trip to Switzerland, today or tomorrow!


Jeanettee Snider said...

Amazing trip

Jeanettee Snider said...

Amazing trip

Whidden4 said...

Thanks for the tantalizing adjectives, Weston! You are making me want to get back out exploring the world. :)