Saturday, September 10, 2016

Italy! Fantastici! What a place with such a history. We have now spent 3 full days in this exciting country, exploring the city of Milan (called Milano by locals), connecting with our new and generous friends Carlo and Allessandra, with new and exciting foods to keep us going. 

Milan is perhaps the most modern city in Italy, though to walk through its streets and view red rooftops from high-rise windows is still an immersion into a decidedly different culture. 

Notable sites

Duomo Milano (Milan Cathedral)

Sempione Park (A gorgeous, expansive park that you enter through a castle from the 12th century)

The Alpine Village of Santa Caterina (Where we are currently, and which is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, apart from Rosebud ;) )

Jeany: Such a mix of feelings.  Frustration at not being able to access wifi at certain times and ways that we were told we would, and then being surprisingly, continually disappointed.  It is so hard to work our phones here in a strategic, wise way.  But all of that aside,
I have loved being here.

I was on top of the roof of the Duomo and realizing how happy I was to be sitting there. Such a unique place.

       And then we were driving to a small town in the Alps and seeing beautiful scenery all around me.  Steep mountains covered in trees and then stepped with vineyards on every growable inch, and nestled with towns clinging to the cliffs, each with a bell tower and a history, and hearing about which particular cheese or focaccia or balsamic or specialty item it is known for.  Remarkable.  Our hosts Carlo and Alessandra are so very generous and friendly.

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