Thursday, September 8, 2016

Thoughts on St. Johns NFld from David & Donovan

David: Many serendipities. Meeting Eran from Israell/London -- discovering himself stranded for the day, and giving him a ride down to Water Street.  He gave us a coffee and hot chocolate as thanks.

Then meeting Arann and his kids Connor and Evelyn and exploring coloured houses (Donovan describes this as "Bright, deliberately cheerful, classy and gorgeous houses whizzed by us as Dad cranked our little rental car up 50°angle, 10-foot wide streets), beautiful waters, filling fish and chips at the Yellowbelly pub (boasting the oldest basement in the city having survived the Great Fire) Signal Hill (from which the first messages were sent across the ocean) and the Great Beyond east of us, taking a nap while lying in the thick grass of his backyard, and in the evening, listening to the surf on the rocks at Middle Cove.

Back at the airport, comparing experience with Eran (the first Eran) and noticing a young woman with a similar appearance to Kaitlyn Sloboda, only to have her approach us and ask if we are Dave and Jeany and introduce herself as Tiffany, Kait's sister, on route to Germany to serve with YWAM. The she called Kait, and we all had a good laugh.

The Atlantic Ocean from the top of Signal Hill
Donovan: I was awed at being right on the edge of our country. That is something you don't get to say every day.

Arann and kids with us at the Wharf

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