Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas on the Air update

Here's a little about my show. (We only have 11 performances left!)  It's been really fun to work with a small cast (5) and they are all so talented, really stunning people.  It is set at the Rosebud Opera House on Christmas Eve, 1949 as a live radio broadcast.  I'd love to show pictures from the show, but I don't have any yet.  Here's just a few from backstage.  Kendra is the assistant to the stage manager (Brad) and one of her many pre-show jobs is to do my hair as I can't seem to reach the back of my head once I've got my emerald silk dress on and I have to have it on before my hair is done because there's only a side zipper and a very small head opening in my dress and it ruins any hairdo. 
Paul (in the tux) is my husband and the main "chocolate" voice of the airwaves, Aaron plays our son, Danny, and Cari is "Kitty" in the red dress.  Deb plays the wonderful piano player "Sylvia" and she has a fun cooking show too.  I play "Yolanda" who is from Appeldorn, Holland and I do the show in a Dutch dialect.  I have a talk show called "Let's Be Frank" where I answer questions and concerns from my fans.  Otherwise, the show is chalk full of stories and songs, plus "off air" conversations and mishaps which provide a lot of fun for each audience.
Much as it's been tiring and stressful, I will be sad to see it close.  I've really enjoyed the company, the journey with the audience (at one point "the power goes out" and we have to sing by candlelight and the audience sings some carols along with us; I love the idea of that kind of simple collaboration), and I have discovered so much about my singing voice and overcome many hurdles each show.  I'm so thankful.  Dave has done a great job on the homefront, and I pitch in most free moments.  I'm so glad I did most of my Christmas shopping early.
I'll try and post a picture of Aaron and Brad and maybe one of us onstage soon.  Meanwhile, "Frolick Kerstfeest!"

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