Sunday, December 14, 2008

Creativity in the midst of the C..C...C..Cold

Oh my.  Just walking two blocks with triple layers and we're coughing, red faced and wheezing.  The condensation on the scarf across your mouth has frosted and you can't feel your toes.  The snow is too cold and dry to shape into anything and it's dangerous to be out too long.  Our thermometer can't go any lower.  I believe it's around -30 Celcius which is -22 Fahrenheit.   So walking to church became running the van for a while and driving.  Dave let it run all during the service and then plugged it in for the night.
We're finally getting around to putting up a FEW Christmas decorations, but first I want to share briefly about the community Christmas concert we took part in today.  Donovan read as "Thomas" in the Jonathan Toomey story.  He did a wonderful job, such a sweet sincere voice.  He wore Grandpa Stone's cap and Dave read the part of the gruff woodcarver.  I was the Widow McDowell (Donovan's mom) and Weston was "the proud cow" that Jonathan carved.  It was nice.  Santa showed up at the end and the boys weren't quite sure about that -- especially Weston.  He had to breathe real hard as he contemplated approaching the big man in red.  I was pretty sure Weston was discerning that this wasn't the real dude, but he didn't want to hurt the guy's feelings.  He climbed up into his lap, told him his name and age and stated he wanted a "toy engine" for Christmas.  Then he gave him a hug and slipped down wide eyed and a little disappointed that there was no more magic than that.  Donovan, on the other hand, was an old pro.  When asked, his answers were quick and full: "I'd like lots of Pokemon cards and lots and lots of toys!"  Santa chuckled and promised he'd see what he could do.  Then the boys each received a little paper bag full of hard candy.  --"Whatever happened to one little candy cane?" I ask; an exasperated mother who is still trying to get to the bottom of their Halloween bags -- very slowly.  Ugh.
Well we bundled up after various songs and snacks and chats and a big game of floor hockey in the basement, and trundled back home for my big fat night off.  Ahh.  Please God, let it last forever!  Behind me, I hear the boys arguing.  They're over sugared and over tired and do NOT want to be told to tidy.  They've resorted to calling me bad names when I ask them to do "stupid" things like pick up their room!  I think they're feeling a bit neglected, so after the decorating I'm looking forward to a family connection time.  Sigh.  Thank goodness the programming/performing is over for today.  If the cold does one good thing, it forces us into close quarters and to be more imaginative with our play.  Yesterday the boys never left the house, but by evening they were charging up and down our little hallway like wild horses.  I had to laugh.  They'd run as fast as they could for about 12 steps, then they'd have to stop, turn around, and run back to other end.  Thankfully this kept them engaged for a good 20 minutes!  ...Now if Dave and I can be just as creative, maybe we wouldn't get so crabby either!

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