Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Enjoyment over Achievement... What a Concept!

In the midst of writer's angst, we've been indulging in some spring antics, lately. Namely: picnics on the kitchen floor (after the big table was pushed aside for mopping --thanks David and Weston), biking to church THE LONG WAY up the hill, over the cemetery, and back down the steep path, and of course mud. Donovan hurled a cinder block into a huge hole full of water he'd made and it spurted up and all over ME!! I had to go take a shower whether I wanted to or not!
Then today, the dandelions burst out.
Weston was so captivated, he made six jars of dandelion bouquets for our house.
Then he proceeded to jump his bike over a little ramp he and Daddy made and tackle the dirt piles too. It took a lot of movement to keep off the mosquitos. They're terribly thick right now with the sun-shower-sun, pattern that's quickening spring. The leaves have all unfurled their tender fingers and have the shiniest, lime green freshness. Dave's favorite color is spring green. I can see why. He and Weston must have spent three hours outside planting and poking in the gardens. I was inside at the computer sighing, sighing over my play and the slow internet trying to scope out voice work at the same time. Finally a good invitation to audition did come up and I was able to stop and record. --Anything to feel productive and creative in a positive way.
Now the rain is falling in a regular rhythm, and I love it more than music while I write.
Tonight our whole family goes to karate to test for our yellow belts. Weston's not too keen on it, but I bet he'd pass if he applied himself. I guess he's still more intent on enjoyment of life over achievement, and that's a good thing.
Watching him jump the hill and the bike ramps today, I know he can be disciplined and take risks when he's motivated. Despite the mosquitos, the time watching Weston did not feel wasted, but well spent. I'm grateful for it.
I don't know when draft 13 will be ready to send, but just as my boy is resourceful and clear about his priorities, I will try to learn a bit about doing what I enjoy --from him.

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