Monday, June 7, 2010

My own two Scents

Donovan has been a good helper lately. He can now officially make chicken noodle soup for he and his brother.
--Yesterday was a big day.
We started with a waffle picnic on the floor so as not to disturb the PayDay game on the table.
Then both Donovan and Weston participated in the church service with their Sunday School classes. They carried the ark of the covenant 7 times around and shouted, blowing trumpets with Joshua. Donovan made a very creative trumpet and Weston was so dedicated carrying the ark that he continued on for seven laps, even after he lost a shoe on round 2! Ha.
Later Weston shared a bit of what he loved about Sunday School this past year. (Daddy is his teacher.) He said his favorite thing was a bean craft where he got to make a cup of overflowing love. Dave was gone most of the day at Passion Play rehearsal, so the boys and I biked with friends and practiced our "Halterman Song" with Marie.

....My sense of smell is so strong now that I'm on the cleanse.
I can smell what people have been eating before they even open their mouth.
I can smell chopped celery in the kitchen from the hallway.
Both Dave and Weston have garlic reeking out their pores right now. --I still love them; but they stink.
Donovan ate it too, but somehow his body smells different.
The air down between the ponds past the church is so think with lilacs it almost makes me dizzy.
Burnt crumbs in the bottom of the toaster oven reveal their cheddar origins when I make toast.
I never knew how keenly I could sense food.
Going without has sure clarified a lot.
I have thoughts to turn to food to satisfy my uncomfortableness about 30-40 times a day.
These last six, I have only had my organic lemonade cleanse and tea.
Oh, how I appreciate food now.
Soon I will be singing with the cast from Oliver."Food, glorious food!..."
Right now I'm enjoying planning my menu when I return to solids. Vegetables never seemed so inviting before!
Ten things I'm grateful for:
1. Dave got off rehearsal early and we may just have a chance to watch an installment of Return of the King special features together.
2. I re-discovered my silky turquiose tank top I forgot I had because it was hanging up in my closet!
3. The perfectly warm weather, rain or shine; it's mild and I love it.
4. Weston has fallen in love with the board game Pay Day and hasn't watched a movie in 2 days.
5. I added a new scene to my play today.
6. Because our tulips live on the north side of our house, they're alive and thriving in now as the only ones in town as all the other southern exposure ones have faded.
7. I'm so proud of Donovan for creating a farewell poem for the Halterman's last night and reading it aloud at their party.
8. I read "The Skin of Our Teeth" and liked it much more than when I read it 12 years ago.
9. My mom called me today and there's possible summer fun brewing.
10. I have my cast for my play reading on the 15th!
Thanks God!

I'm grateful for my sense of smell, even though I don't get to taste along with it.
I'm grateful for all my senses. I have them all. I am blessed.

Auditions tomorrow....

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