Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thankfulness as I begin to cleanse...

We had the best family barbecue the other night over the campfire!
Weston had been longing to do it for days, but we'd had so much rain, it just wasn't practical. So, when Daddy came home from rehearsal we started up a fire and had a late supper of roasted hot dogs and wursts, but Weston really wanted a burger. So... we took our frozen sirloin patties, wrapped them in foil twice and buried them in the coals. -They were perfect! Who needs to buy a BBQ when you can build a fire? Of course, then we had to have smores. Old spokes from our broken umbrella worked great as roasting sticks.
We loved it.
I've talked before about my love of water, well, I believe fire does something similar: ions that recharge your body and remind you of basic needs and pleasures.
The funny picture with the mic stand and "clouds" is my little sound booth. I pretend it's a space capsule and it makes it more secretive and fun when I step in to record. We're still exploring new sound buffing measures. Thus, the batten clouds .... we'll probably add more of those soon.
Weston made a cool veggie plate design with peas and carrots. My boys will not eat cooked vegetables, so we always go raw around here.
I love this picture of Donovan. All I did was crop it, the light from the window and his smile did the rest.

...Today the sky is so blue behind the shiny green leaves.
Today I start my cleansing.
I'm going to focus on ten things every day and be as positive as I can.
Let me remember a few things I love...
I love it when my hair is slipper clean with no tangles and has a bounce all it's own.
I love it when the tulips are gold, red, and gold with orangey stripes all together in a cluster.
I love it when tiny birds find Weston's red bird house and make it their home.
I love Westons' excitement every time he sees them.
I love it when David shakes his foot when leaving the room as a final wag of farewell.
I love my red satin sheets and pillowcase.
I love seeing the sunlight sparkle off the flowing river when you stand on the bridge.--I can not resist spitting to see how long it takes to fall.
I love turquoise, teal, blue green, aqua, midnight blue, and almost any combination of blue and green.
My favorite crayon is cerulean.
I love it when we all get laughing around the table.
I love hearing the birds sing.
In Rosebud, we don't get singing birds from about November to April, so singing birds are very audible after their absence.

Now, if I can stay disciplined to keep cleaning inside and out... more on that later.

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