Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Award day at school

 Weston finally got something he has been hoping for all year at school: an award.

We were so happy for him.  He got to stand up and receive it in front of many young peers and few proud parents and then stand in a line with others to get his picture taken.

What was it for?

 I sheepishly admit his teacher gave him the drama award.  Dave and I both had tummys sink a bit when that happened.  I think we were all hoping for one of the "Christian Spirit" awards, but nonetheless, he got an award.
 Don't get me wrong.  Weston is a fine actor.  I hear him weekly in voice over work and at the supper table where he and his brother crack us up on a regular basis.
[Where did the kid learn to make such manic smiles for the camera?  Calvin and Hobbes? ]

But a skill in drama is one he doesn't have to work at.  He doesn't have to really "earn" it in our minds, as he's already making money at it, frankly, so he's a professional. 

 Nonetheless, as I said earlier,  it's an award.  And Weston has been longing all year to receive one.  Thank God it happened before the year ended.  Oh, don't I sound like one who lacks faith?  Ha - I'm laughing at my own cynicism as I write this.

Congrats West!

We love you

Even when you're not performing.

Then we round a corner and there is Donovan's art on the wall. I guess he was assigned the letters H,I, J, K, L, M and had to make a picture and caption.  So he came up with: "Horribly irritated jackrabbits kill large monsters".


I'm glad they don't leash their imagination just yet.

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